398306092_9a21d7b5a5_bSummer is here and with it comes the bugs. This is especially true in the evening and early morning as we all try to enjoy the warm air before the temperature climbs too high for us to enjoy the great outdoors. Although a privileged minority seem to have bug repellent flowing through their veins, most of us are desperate to find relief from the myriad of flying, and often biting insects that roam the twilight hours. As much as we all try to be responsible, often it seems that the only affordable bug control comes in the form of harsh chemicals and poisons. Thankfully there are a variety of inexpensive ways to protect ourselves from this flying horde that don’t involve destroying the environment.

There are a variety of organic and environmentally friendly ways to keep insects from congregating in your outdoor spaces with your family and friends. One of the most popular and common methods is a citronella candle. These festive little candles mask the scents we produce that are so attractive to insects like mosquitoes. According to http://www.mosquitnoband.com/how-does-citronella-keep-bugs-away/, the candles are created using natural oils from a variety of plants to mask the smell of carbon dioxide and lactic acid produced by people and animals. The oils are non-toxic and has even been approved by the FDA as a food ingredient for the past fifty years. This makes the candles especially attractive to people with small children and animals.

In addition to this, a simple search on Google will give Phoenix residents access to a variety of pest control companies that specialize in organic and green peat control. One of them is Green home pest control that uses products that are safe for the environment and often are even safe to use around pets and children. This is becoming even more important as Californian continues to suffer through a drought.

For those people who want to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about the bugs and would like to also enjoy 5050246949_37d3650906_bsome of the wildlife, building bat shelters and putting out food and water for birds is an option to consider. Bringing in these natural predators will drastically reduce the bug population. These beautiful animals will also provide an interesting way to show young children a bit more of the beauty and diversity nature has to offer and to show them how the food chain works. Contrary to what many believe, bats are mammals like humans, not rodents. Although they are not going to attack unprovoked and it is safe to have them roosting in your yard, they are wild animals and should be left to sleep in peace.

There are a variety of ways to control back yard bugs without ruining your budget or the environment. It is simply a mater of creativity and a small bit of work.

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